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Relax Combo: "Do you want some coffe?" - Mug, Fabric Bag with Zipper, and Badge with Exclusive Illustration

Relax Combo: "Do you want some coffe?" - Mug, Fabric Bag with Zipper, and Badge with Exclusive Illustration

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Get relaxed with our Relax Combo – a thoughtfully curated set that blends functionality with cute exclusive design. Look at these features:

  1. High-Quality Mug:

    • Enjoy your moments of relaxation with an exceptionally designed mug, perfect for your favorite beverages.
      • Ceramic, with  vivid print and glossy finish
      • Capacity: 325ml (11oz)
      • Dimensions: 9.6cm (3.79″) in height and 8.3cm (3.25″) in diameter
      • Dishwasher and microwave resistant
      It provides a comfortable and stylish drinking experience.
  2. Fabric Bag with Zipper:

    • Carry your essentials in style. Use the fabric bag as your go-to tote for daily errands. It's spacious enough to carry essentials like your wallet, keys, and a small notebook. Or, if you prefer, you can use it to carry your beauty products, art supplies, school supplies, etc. 
  3. Badge with Unique Charm:

    • Add a touch of style to your look to showcase your unique personality.  Pin the badge onto your denim jacket or backpack when heading out for a casual day of shopping, coffee dates, or a stroll in the park. It adds a touch of personality to your relaxed, everyday style.
  4. Perfect Gift for Special Occasions:

    • Surprise your loved ones with a gift that goes beyond the ordinary. The Relax Combo is the perfect choice for birthdays, celebrations, or simply expressing your care in a unique way.

Wrap yourself in the exclusivity of the Relax Combo and transform your everyday moments into extraordinary experiences. Purchase now and discover how serenity can be incorporated into your lifestyle in a sophisticated and authentic way.

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