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"Harvest's Glow"

"Harvest's Glow"

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Capture the vibrant radiance of nature with "Harvest's Glow"! Our mesmerizing persimmons gouache painting dazzles against an entrancing deep blue background on 18x24cm watercolor paper canvas. Invite the captivating beauty of the rich orange hues and velvety blue into your favorite space and bring a touch of sophistication. Crafted with utmost attention to detail, the "Harvest's Glow" painting is a stunning reminder to admire the abundance of life and the simple pleasures it brings!

  • Medium: gouache on watercolor paper
  • Size: 18x24cm / 7.08x9.45"
  • Margin: white margin of about 1cm / 0.39"

It is not framed. You are free to choose the frame that better fits your room decoration.

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