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"Farm life"

"Farm life"

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Bring the peaceful country life into your home with this whimsical painting! A bright red farmhouse stands among lush green grass and trees, the cheerful pig and colourful flowers adding a touch of joy. A wooden fence offers a sense of enclosure while the stork nest, with a stork happily perched atop, adds a playful element. Painted with of high-quality acrylics on canvas, the vibrant colours will last for years to come. Create a cozy atmosphere and experience the beauty of farm life!


Each painting is unique, as it is hand-painted by me, with careful attention to detail and love. I hope this painting brings you as much joy as it brought me while I was creating it. Thank you for considering my artwork for your home.

  • Medium: acrylic on canvas
  • Size: 30x40cm / 12x16"
  • Not framed

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