Hello, I'm Andreia!

I'm a skilful and professional artist, illustrator, and surface designer. I create illustrations inspired by nature to license and sell to brands using traditional and digital painting techniques. I also teach surface pattern designers how to create designs from traditional paintings.

If you want to know a little more about me, let's get to it...

My Vision

My goal is to create a strong connection between people and the natural world. Through my art, I want to offer a unique and charming view of nature, emphasizing its beauty, elegance, and delicacy. By adding elements and touches of playfulness to my paintings, I aim not only to represent but also to bring the natural world to life.

My Mission 

I'm on a mission to share this unique perspective of nature with a broader audience, promoting appreciation and respect for the natural world. By featuring my paintings on various products, I want to give you the chance to integrate this connection into your daily life. I believe that by sharing this outlook, I can inspire a deeper love for nature, encouraging conservation practices and a more respectful attitude towards the environment. Every piece of art I create is a commitment to blending artistic beauty with environmental awareness, contributing to a world where nature is cherished, protected, and respected by all.

About Me

My first incursion into painting was landscapes using oil on canvas. I gave up these materials when I became a mother because they were toxic, and after taking a break due to the early days of motherhood, I opted for painting in acrylics and other less aggressive materials.

I chose a non-art-related career path first. I have a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering and worked in the Software industry for several years. This experience brought me some valuable skills such as focus, attention to detail, teamwork, planning to meet deadlines, and leadership. Currently, I am certified in Illustration by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, and a Graphics Design course. I have done several works for individuals and companies.


If I had to choose names for my influences, I would have to pick Monet and Disney. Monet paintings were a school to me and I always get lost in impressionism and the use of color. When I started painting on canvas, I chose natural landscapes, especially with rivers or the sea because it brings life and movement to the scene. Disney played a huge role in how I see the playful side of things and how I bring my creations to life. 

Work process

I discovered that I like to paint both traditionally and digitally. If I work only in digital for too long, my energy goes down. Because of this, I decided to combine the two by painting traditionally and digitally, creating surface designs. My process starts with some sketches, then I decide which parts I want to paint traditionally and which medium is most appropriate. Then I finish the work digitally.