The Power of Moodboards in Creating Surface Pattern Design Collections

The Power of Moodboards in Creating Surface Pattern Design Collections

In the world of surface pattern design, bringing together creativity into a captivating collection is an art. One key tool for achieving this is the moodboard – a visual guide that leads your creative process. In this article, I will explore why moodboards are important and highlight how the "Make the Dot" app can help. Plus, I will uncover some cool features of the app.

The "Make the Dot" App: Your Creative Partner

Imagine having a map that guides your creativity and makes it easy to gather all your ideas in one place. That's what the "Make the Dot" app does. It helps you make moodboards in a very simple way. With its easy-to-use design, the app takes the work out of creating moodboards.


The moodboard above, which I created for one of my collections, is a great example. Each part of it – the colors, the pictures, and the textures – is there to show the mood I wanted in my designs. The "Make the Dot" app helps you put all these parts together in a way that makes sense. The layout I used shows my line of thought so I can also see there, as the author, a part of the collection story.

Using the Chrome Extension: Quick Moodboarding

A really helpful part of the "Make the Dot" app is its Chrome extension. It lets you easily add things you like from the internet directly to your moodboard. Imagine you find a picture that's just right for your design. With the extension, you can add that picture to your moodboard with one click.

Think of it like adding pieces to a puzzle. When you find something that fits, the extension lets you place it right where it belongs. This makes moodboarding a lot faster and smoother.

Pantone Colors: Perfect Color Matches

Colors are important in design. They make people feel certain ways when they look at your work. This app suggests Pantone colors that go well with the colors you've picked. This means your designs will have colors that look great together.

I picked the colors from my palette and searched for a pantone match. Then I put both next to each other to visually see the differences and make decisions. 


I create my pattern designs in Adobe Illustrator and it also can be used for that, it’s true. However, I found "Make the Dot" to be a lot faster and easy because of the features I mentioned above.  It is a very helpful tool for surface pattern design. It makes your ideas visual and helps in the decision making. My favorite features and what really makes it stand out from the others are the Chrome extension and Pantone color suggestions. It makes designing easier and more fun. So, if you're a designer looking to make amazing surface pattern collections, give "Make the Dot" a try – it's like having a creative assistant always ready to help! Take a look at it here.

This article was written in collaboration with “Make the Dot” but no money involved. I am recommending this app because I really feel it’s useful and I believe in its potential to get even better.

Andreia Melo

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