Join the "Artists Having Fun" Challenge on Instagram!

Join the "Artists Having Fun" Challenge on Instagram!

Calling all artists! If you're looking to inject some fun and community spirit into your creative process, look no further. I'm thrilled to announce the "Artists Having Fun" challenge, a bi-weekly art event on Instagram designed to bring artists together through a shared creative journey.


What is "Artists Having Fun"?

The challenge is simple yet exciting: artists paint or create from the same reference image using any medium of their choice. Whether you love oils, watercolors, digital art, or any other medium, this is your chance to showcase your unique style and interpretation of a common source.

Reference images from past challenge editions

How to Join

Participation is straightforward! To join, send me a message on Instagram ( with the words "HAVING FUN" or any clear statement of your interest. Please note, each message is processed personally by me, not by a bot, ensuring a personal touch to your registration.


Community and Collaboration

When you join, you’ll be added to a wonderful international community of artists who have participated in previous editions. This group is warm, supportive, and always ready to hang out and exchange ideas. Being part of this community means you’re not just taking part in a challenge; you’re joining a circle of friends who share your passion for art.


Sharing and Engagement

One of the highlights of this challenge is the Instagram reel that showcases all participants' work. Every artist who participates will be a collaborator on the reel, meaning it will appear on their personal feed and all engagement will link back to their account. This is a fantastic opportunity to increase your visibility and connect with a wider audience.

To make this happen, here's what you'll need to send me:
- A final photo of your artwork
- A short video clip recorded during your creation process
- A photo of yourself to promote your artist account

Once I receive all the content, I’ll edit the final reel and post it. All participants from current and previous editions are encouraged to engage with the reel, helping each other gain more exposure and appreciation for their artwork.


Why Participate?

- Connect with a Community: Meet and interact with other passionate artists.
- Increase Your Visibility: Your work will be showcased on multiple feeds, driving more engagement to your account.
- Enjoy the Creative Process: Have fun creating and seeing how others interpret the same reference image in their unique styles.


Submission Dates

The "Artists Having Fun" challenge happens twice a month. Keep an eye on my Instagram stories ( for the announcement of submission dates and other important updates.

Join us and let's make art fun together! Send your message today and become part of this vibrant and supportive artistic community. 🎨✨

Andreia Melo

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