How to Create Playful Surface Pattern Designs: The Journey of 'Bubbly Shores'

How to Create Playful Surface Pattern Designs: The Journey of 'Bubbly Shores'

In the world of art and design, inspiration can strike in the most unexpected places, often rooted in our personal experiences and cherished memories. For my latest surface pattern design collection, 'Bubbly Shores,' the creative journey began with a stroll down memory lane – a nostalgic revisit to the sandy shores of my childhood.

As I delved into images of starfishes, crabs, seashells, and algae, certain motifs captured my attention, not merely for their visual appeal but for the flood of memories they unleashed. I found myself transported back to carefree days spent at the beach, eagerly exploring the wonders of the shoreline.

The cuteness of crabs scuttling along the sand, the joy of collecting seashells, and the simple pleasure of drawing shapes with those shells on the soft canvas of the beach – each element sparked a cascade of childhood echoes. The bubbles created by the lapping waves, gently covering my feet, added another layer to those cherished moments.

Watercolor paintings used to create the Bubbly Shores surface pattern design collection by Andreia Melo. A set of seashells, crabs, starfishes and algae.

As the initial phase of creation unfolded, I decided to infuse my designs with the genuine playfulness and innocence of those memories. The creation process, from picking motifs to drawing and painting them, involved a meticulous yet liberating journey. However, it was during the composition phase that the true magic happened.

Drawing inspiration from my childhood rituals of arranging seashells on the sand, I let myself play again. I recreated those carefree moments without the weight of expectations or artistic pressures. This intentional approach allowed me to channel my unique perspective into the designs, each stroke reflecting the authenticity of those childhood adventures.

Seashells surface pattern design - Created by Andreia Melo, illustrator and surface designer

Embracing the iterative nature of the creative process, I refined and improved the designs organically. The result? 'Bubbly Shores,' a surface pattern design collection that encapsulates the essence of summer and the playfulness of bygone beach days.

These versatile designs, born from personal nostalgia, can adorn various products, from tableware to stationery and children's clothing/accessories. 'Bubbly Shores' isn't just a collection; it's a celebration of the simple joys found in the sands of time.

Bubbly shores surface pattern design collection, created by Andreia Melo

Andreia Melo


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